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It’s all about crowdsourcing content!

How often do you design ads for your site or for your company? Do you design the ads in house or do you have someone else take care of it for you?

If you outsource your ad design how do you know you’re getting the quality you need at a price you should pay?

With many design services you tell them what you’re looking for, they charge you and send you a design that they think will work.

How about advertisement design contests? Ad design contests are sometimes a good idea because you get a load of quality artwork from a variety of designers and artists and you get to choose the winner/best one/whichever one you prefer.

There are winners both ways! is taking the ad contest model and running with it.

Through you can launch your own Ad Design Contest, they break it down and make it easy for you.

  • List your contest details
  • Set the price you’re willing to pay the winner
  • View entries and talk to your designers
  • Download your winner
  • Pay your winner (should you find one you like)

It takes about a week for the contest to run and for you to get your design. already has a group of designers who are willing to enter as well as spreading the word about your contest.

So, you get a design you like, your winning designer gets paid… what does get out of the whole deal? There’s a small $34.99 fee for putting the whole thing together and getting your contest out there for you.

Oh! and if you request a custom design through before October 31st they’ll give you 1,000 business cards or post cards. Get more info here

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