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And it Rocks!

I don’t play around with the Windows Media Center much… I have a TV and have never thought that I needed to. I was wrong.

I happened to spot a tip from @CrazeeGeekChick the other day and followed up on it.

Sure enough, Netflix is available in the Windows Media Center.

Before we go on, Windows Media Center is a nice suite, included in Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate (also Windows 7 I believe).
Windows Media Center can essentially turn your computer into a pretty powerful home entertainment hub.

I’m a Netflix fan, and have been for a very, very long time. My list has more than 400 movies on it.
Honestly, the Netflix interface through the Windows Media Center is so much better than the site!

After a quick sign in, I have full access to my entire Netflix library, I can browse, search, and watch whatever is available to ‘Watch Now’ at the quick click of a button.

It’s better than TV on Demand!

The video playback is fine and fully controllable (see below), it loads fast giving the viewer the almost instant gratification they need.

I don’t know why both Microsoft and Netflix are promoting this partnership.

image image image image

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