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LONDON, Oct. 22, 2009 — The company that launched
TwitterJobSearch ), the
first real-time job search engine, for the first time makes
its QuickPitch tech platform available with a new iPhone
App, “Real-Time Jobs,” that is available today in the iTunes
store. Although there are many Apps that allow job-seekers
to find job offers, this is the first mobile App that allows
individuals to find and apply for these jobs with a single

Real-Time Jobs App – LINK:

With 4.5 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide, the
company felt it was a channel that was too large to ignore.
Instead of just making small changes to its web-based
products, the company built a complete job search and apply
process from the ground up that sits entirely in the cloud.
Says company CEO Howard Lee, “Many companies have built job
search applications for mobile devices but they’ve done this
by stripping away functionality. We built a new
infrastructure that understands both the limitations and
advantages of mobile computing, to deliver the best
job-seekers’ experience possible.”

In addition to being the first real-time mobile job search
engine App, it also marks the introduction of the company’s
QuickPitch technology. Job-seekers can attach an online CV,
social media profile, and/or a video CV to job offers that
have been posted to Twitter with a single click. This
on-the-go solution allows job-seekers to find and apply for
positions before the jobs even appear elsewhere on the web.

“To develop a complete mobile solution, we had to move the
entire recruitment process to the cloud,” commented Bill
Fischer, co-founder of TwitterJobSearch. “By bringing
together our real-time search capabilities with our
QuickPitch platform, we’re aiming to re-invent a job search
process that simply requires too much effort.”

TwitterJobSearch is now working with companies in Europe,
the USA, Brazil and Australia to ensure their social media
recruitment activity fits the evolving mobile and social
media landscape.

Don’t just search for a job. Get a job with this amazing
real-time job search App.


— 1st real-time job search engine
— Global job search product
— Only mobile App with QuickPitch technology
— Fast, easy-to-view access to job descriptions
— Email yourself or friends favorite job postings


About TwitterJobSearch

TwitterJobSearch ) is a new
product from Workhound that provides patent-pending natural
language search solutions that analyze, organize and extend
recruitment data contained within Twitter. Getting beyond
the 140-character limit of Twitter by going beyond the
tweet, the technology also looks at biography information
and crawls destination URLs to find additional information
and context.

TwitterJobSearch, Workhound and SalaryTrack are all products
of WorkDigital Ltd. is not associated
with Twitter Inc.

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