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OREM, Utah, Oct. 20, 2009 — Juicy Development, creator of
popular iPhone app Police Scanner, has partnered with, the world’s largest radio communication
data provider, to provide feeds for its emergency frequency
scanner application. “We’re ecstatic to partner with,” said David Kyle, project manager for
Police Scanner. “They provide us with a large number of
streams that are exceptional in clarity and relevance.”

Clarity and relevance are crucial to Police Scanner’s users,
as the acclaimed iPhone application allows listeners to
listen to police, fire, and EMS activities around the world.
Unlike other emergency scanner applications, Police
Scanner’s adaptive technology allows updates to data streams
to post “live” within a few hours of changes made. Because
emergency data streams can change so quickly, Police Scanner
is able to provide the updated information to its customers
without waiting for slow version changes released in the
iTunes store.

“Juicy Development was the first organization to develop an
application for listening to public safety audio streams on
mobile devices,” said Lindsay Blanton, president of “Their innovative and easy-to-use
interface means that thousands of listeners are able to hear
what is happening within their communities quickly and
efficiently. RadioReference is proud to be a part of that
With over 1850 national and international streams, Police
Scanner offers the largest selection of police, fire, and
emergency services streams available. Police Scanner is the
only iPhone emergency scanner application to provide streams
from eight countries. New streams are added daily.

Several independent blogs and experts, including, have compared Police Scanner with other
emergency scanner applications, and have rated Police
Scanner superior. “I’d have to give the edge to Police
Scanner. The search ability is superior, the graphics are
far superior. I found the broadcast from the same Canadian
agency to be clearer and I liked the broader selection of
locations more suited to my needs,” said Keith Lewis of

Police Scanner runs on wireless LANs, the 3G network, or on
the Edge network, and is compatible with both 2.x and 3.0
devices. Now with 50,000+ plus regular users, Police Scanner
is the most far-reaching emergency stream application in the
iTunes national and international stores.

Pricing and Availability:

The cost of the application for the iPhone is $2.99 in
Apple’s App Store.

Police Scanner is a product of Juicy Development, which also
produces the popular iPhone applications Talk Radio and Bard

Based in Orem, Utah, Juicy Development LLC is a privately
funded company founded in 2008 by Tod Hadley and Brent
Anderson. The company focus is to develop applications for
the Apple iPhone, Google Android, and other mobile markets.
Taking inspiration from organizations such as Google, eBay,
and PayPal, Juicy Development’s business model is one that
rewards every employee directly for the work they do.
Software should be fun, functional, and make your mouth
water when you use it.

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Google, and Android are registered trademarks of their
respective companies in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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