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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Oct. 26, 2009 — With celebrities
setting most of the trends in the fashion-industry, it’s
very easy to get lost in who’s wearing what, and where can I
get that., launched March of 2006, helps you
with just that: identifying the latest in jeans, where to
get them, sales, and the inside-scoop to get them before
anyone else. Editor-in-chief Lorna Burford and her team of
fashionistas rummage through daily news and stories to help
ease your curiosity by providing you with news, trends and
more importantly, what jeans celebrities are wearing.

Buford, who was a moderator of an online community,, for many years, provided the audience with
an accurate interpretation when it came to authenticity of
denim to help others identify more specifically what wash or
cut a particular pair of denim was. As we all know, piracy
and copyright comes in different forms, whether it’s
digital, written, or in this case in denim. Her expertise in
this matter has lead to her personal endeavor to bring forth
“Denim is a huge part of my life,” says Buford. “It’s in my
genes.” No pun intended. “I have been a premium denim lover
since about the age of 14 and have been collecting denim
ever since. I currently own over 85 pairs of premium denim
and my collection is still growing. While some people think
that is crazy, others see it as no different than collecting
stamps or something similar. As the years have gone on I
have gotten to know denim very well. I deal with it every
single day; I have learned what makes the perfect fit, what
washes look the best, which cuts flatter different figures,
etc. Since denim is a must-have for every person’s closet
it’s so important to know more about it.” Buford, who has
studied fashion and textiles, and who has been designing
clothes and making them since a young age, it’s no wonder
she has expressed her passion and is committed to showing
the readers a piece of everyday style with a modern-day

This online resource is one-of-a-kind and provides an
easy-to-use layout which categorizes each blog post by
celebrity, denim, and event. So if ever you can’t seem to
think of that specific brand of jean, but know which
celebrity wore it during a certain event (or even candid
moment), search for it on DenimBlog’s database, and sure
enough, a result will satisfy your query. Or if you’re
curious as to how certain jeans fit, search the brand, wash,
or cut, and instantly you’ll be directed to images of
celebrities/models wearing that pair. It doesn’t stop there;
DenimBlog also holds special contests, so their readers
could get their hands on the latest and greatest, without
having to spend a penny out of their own wallet.

Covering brands from Diesel, 7 For All Mankind, True
Religion to Current/Elliot, J Brand, and Siwy – is truly your one-stop shop for anything denim

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