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We are two days out from Verizon‘s big announcement about “the most desirable phone of 2009”.  The main event will be in New York city but many other events will be happening around the country including right here in Pittsburgh.

I am very excited that Andy has asked me to cover the event and even more excited for the chance to see another new android phone.  I have been following the android OS since Google started the Open Handset Alliance.  I didn’t jump aboard the G1 train because I wasn’t as fond of T-mobile’s service as I am with Sprint.  The G1 has mainly been a toy of the techsavy due to the openness of the system but the recent swarm of android phones has really helped bring this amazing phone to the mainstream.

The rumor is that Droid is not just one phone but a series of phones running android.  Earlier this week Motorola had the web pages up for one of their Droid phones.  The stats are impressive and include running Android 2.0 “eclair”, 5mp camera with dual flash, and will ship with a 16gb micro SD card.  We will only know for sure though this Wednesday when Verizon makes their official announcement.

Wednesday cannot come soon enough and I will be there early to soak in all the Android goodness.

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Author: Shawn