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SYRACUSE, N.Y., Oct. 28, 2009 — Just because a new OS is
available for your computer doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to
upgrade, according to Josh Kaplan, president of RESCUECOM,
the nation’s premier information technology services

“In these tough economic times, every expenditure should be
strategic and give you the best bang for your buck,” said
Kaplan. “Our business philosophy is to work closely in
partnership with our customers for long-term PC solutions
that will avoid costly computer repair. Helping them make
savvy buying decisions is just part of smart ongoing
computer use and maintenance.”

So while Microsoft‘s seventh Windows release is now
officially available to the public, Kaplan’s counsel is to
hold onto that time-tested and familiar OS and wait until
the dust settles.

1. Let Microsoft work out the bugs.
Microsoft’s help forums are already flooded with questions
and complaints from users having installation problems. It’s
always safer to wait for the first service pack to work out
any glitches. “There’s no reason for you and your PC to be
the guinea pig when you have other options,” said Kaplan.
Failed OS installations can lose your data or leave your PC
inoperable, requiring computer repair or at worst data

2. Upgrading has its risks.

The chances of complications are always greater when you
upgrade your existing PC with a new OS. “There is a chance
that existing software won’t interface seamlessly,” said
Kaplan. “It may be a better idea to wait until you need to
get a new PC that comes preloaded with the new OS.” In
addition, upgrading your existing PC without performing a
complete backup can lead to data loss and very expensive
data recovery.

3. Drivers can be an issue.

The smart move is to wait for hardware manufacturers to come
out with drivers designed for Windows 7. “While the system
is made to be compatible with the same hardware and software
as Vista, there are always exceptions.  It’s not always just
a simple computer repair to get everything working
together,” noted Kaplan. “If your PC is the exception, the
last thing you need is downtime and lost productivity. It’s
safer to wait for the patches and new drivers to be

4. Is Windows 7 really a good fit?

“Microsoft has put millions of dollars into marketing
Windows 7,” said Kaplan. “And no wonder – computer
technology has never been more competitive, and the company
has a lot riding on this product.” But the real question is,
will Windows 7 really benefit you? “This is a totally
redesigned OS, and there will be a learning curve in the
beginning,” Kaplan continued. “That curve will affect you,
your employees, IT techs, and customers – everybody in the
chain of use. So why not wait until the knowledge base is
solid and you can easily get the computer repair help you
need when you finally do make the leap?”

5. 150 bucks is 150 bucks.

A Windows 7 family pack is about $150 right now. “Given the
current economy, is that really a necessary expense right
now? Moreover, why put yourself at risk for potential data
loss and data recovery expense, or other possible hardware
and software upgrade requirements?” asked Kaplan.

For information on products, services, and PC repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC.

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