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Back links are back links, right? any back link is a good one, right? Not so much.

Back links are links from other sites to yours. It’s pretty simple, however there are some shady webmasters who link to anything and everything from their site.

Let’s put it this way, you’d rather be linked to by CNN, BBC, or the New York Times than the Joe Schmo link directory that was just set up yesterday.

The better the site linking to you, the better you look to Google.

It’s not easy to see who, or what is linking to your site and it’s not easy to have those links removed should you deem them not worthy.
One way to see who is linking to you is to do a quick Google. In the search box type link: then your site address. Use variants of your address too, i.e http://www. or www. etc.
This shows who Google knows is linking to you.

As far as removing links, or having links removed? well, you can simply email the site owner… maybe. In my experience that rarely gets results though.

What you should do, instead is concentrate on your content (I always preach that content is key) and counterbalance your poorer links with some really, really strong links.

More at Google Webmaster Central

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