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So, it all started when people started telling me that they had called my AT&T iPhone and were told the voicemail box is full.
Because I rely greatly on my iPhone and it’s service this kindof concerned me.

I checked the voicemail on the phone – nothing there. I called it manually and found there to be a stack of Voicemail messages in my AT&T Box!

Of course I started deleting messages and looking for a solution.
It would appear that I’m not the only person who has had this disconnect between the iPhone Visual Voicemail and the AT&T Voicemail box.

Google Talk was my first thought for a voicemail replacement and after a quick Google I found that it will actually work.

I’m all about centralization so the Google Talk Voicemail replacement is a wonderful solution for me.

Here’s what happens. As long as you’re a Google Talk user and are on one of the supported providers, Google can give you instructions for forwarding your voicemail to your Google Talk account.

It’s really quite simple, it’s effective and it works.

(I’m not sure whether the custom messages play though, I’ll play with it some and find out).

See the Official Google Support page here

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