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This is just a quick overview of a product that doesn’t get enough press yet is really, really handy.

Proxy Networks makes software called Proxy Pro (currently version 7) which is one of the most powerful, most secure (highest in it’s class at 256 bit) Remote Management, Remote Access, Remote Control suites available.

I love stuff like this! I’ve managed networks, both large and small, before and there are few companies out there who have developed the software with the functionality and security to really get the job done.

It would seem that Proxy Networks has actually worked on and with remote control software before and knows what needs to happen to make it useful.

What does Proxy Pro do? Well, it gives people like in-house support technicians the ability to securely access your desktop to troubleshoot on the spot, on your screen.
That’s just the beginning though! Using Proxy Pro your support can poll the entire network and discover all the computers on the network, looking for those that are ready to be connected to.

It goes a lot further than just being able to connect to a remote computer using the small, easy to install host and master software. You have the usual stuff like blank screen mode, view only mode, chat etc. but there are nice little bells and whistles like remote clipboard, remote printing, file transfer (with resumes) and multi-monitor support. Like I said, things that techs wished they had in remote access software.

Remote management aspects of Proxy Pro are rather astounding too – There’s the Hardware and Software management. You can fully, remotely inventory your systems.
Through the system manager you can not only access but modify your remote system settings.
There are many other managers too – accounts, shared resources, processes, services, registry, events and power to name just a few.

It’s deployable, it’s customizable, it’s powerful, yet secure and functional.

If you’re looking for a remote access, control, management software solution – Proxy Pro is well worth a look.

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