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IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 5, 2009 — Finally, computer users
have a software tool that makes a bootable backup USB. USB
Boot Maker, developed by BluestSoft, Inc.,
(, gives
users a myriad of options when it comes to extending the
heft of their hard drive. Priced at $89.99, USB Boot Maker
delivers a burnt USB that can boot to run your favorite
application, instead of having to run from FD/CD/DVD.

“USB Boot Maker is a breakthrough product because it fills
an important niche,” said BluestSoft founder Mike Inamine.
“While there are many CD-burning software products on the
market, this is the first USB-burning software to be
available at a value price point.”

Designed by Inamine and his chief software engineer, who
have more than 40 years of industry experience between them,
USB Boot Maker is user-friendly and offers endless options.
“It’s as simple as burning a CD,” said Inamine. “But USB has
so much more to offer.”

Supporting Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems, USB
Boot Maker allows users to run their favorite application
without the need for a CD/DVD burner – a real plus for
Netbook users.
It can also:

— Create a bootable USB from a selected media or file –
This allows users to create a backup USB from FD/CD/DVD or
an image file (ISO or IMG) that they can specify.

— Create a generic bootable USB – This will burn a generic
OS image of Windows PE, Linux, or FreeDOS into USB. After
booting from the generic bootable USB, you are able to run
your favorite applications.

“USB Boot Maker complements our current product base by
adding a USB bootability, which enables the product to run
faster, run an OS independently, and save any data on the
USB,” noted Inamine, who founded the company in 2005.
“Another advantage is that USB has a larger capacity and
faster loading and reading speed than a CD/DVD. So whether
you’re copying a graphics-rich game, images or digital
video, USB Boot Maker saves you time and money.”

The benefits of this breakthrough application include:

— Creates Windows 7/Vista Installation USB by copying
Windows 7/Vista Installation CD/DVD to USB memory – allowing
users to use the USB for installing the programs into their

— With built-in Windows PE2.0, Linux (KNOPPIX), and
FreeDOS, users can create an OS bootable USB and run each OS
from it. This allows users to run emergency system recovery
or data backup.

— Allows users to create a back-up USB from CD image or
CD-ROM and use the USB for installing the application into
their PC.

— Option to copy necessary boot CDs/DVDs into a USB and
play games by booting to run from it.

— Create a back-up USB from a music/movie CD/DVD and play
them from the USB.

“The one thing our product doesn’t do is support the back-up
of copyright-protected CD/DVD,” said Inamine. “It is the
user’s responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions.”

About BluestSoft, Inc.

BluestSoft, Inc. is an independent software company
dedicated to providing security disk utilities solutions.
The company’s product line includes a DiscDeleter series and
DataUndeleter Pro series.

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