Select Page recently unveiled their new look real-time search engine.
I want to say that it’s not a new way to search. More so, it’s a fresh way to search. It’s a more complete way to search. It’s a more integrated way to search.

It’s certainly a different search and one that I think I could use.

When you first visit leapfish you’re presented with a lot of information. News, Celebrity news, Sports news, Videos, and more. However, strangely it’s not terribly overwhelming.

I did a search on the first thing that came to mind – How I met your mother. The suggested results under the search bar are relevant and current, which is nice.

A simple search (as opposed to the real time search) produces a nice layout of news articles, digg results, Wiki entries, web results (of course), shopping items, videos, tweets, blog results and pictures.  When I said comprehensive, I meant it.

What’s nice is that you have options.  You don’t have to display the Google Web results. With a single click you can change them to Yahoo! or to Bing.
You don’t have to see items listed for purchase on Amazon, a single click changes it to ebay etc.

LeapFish is surging ahead too – yes it gives you lots of relevant results in your searches but it’s socially integrated and customizable too. They’re making it easy and terribly convenient to not only search Social media sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg but with just a couple of clicks you can share results with your friends and followers on your Social Media Networks too.

With their personal dashboard you can edit your searches and trim your results. You can put in your social media information and make the results even more personal.

It’s certainly an experience worth checking out.

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