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Ready for the Brit in me to come out?

I’ve done more than my fair share of flying. More specifically, Trans-Atlantic flight. I’ve flown on a lot of airlines and taken off and landed at a lot of airports.

I can say, in all honesty that the British Airways flights are some of the best I’ve been on – and I’m not saying that because it’ says ‘British’ on my passport.  To me, there has always been something of a prestige to British Airways.

The flights are more than comfortable, the service is impeccable.
They’re not one of those Airlines that considers you lucky if you manage to find an old bag of peanuts somewhere.  In fact, I remember on my last flight with them, every time I looked up there was one of the staff offering me a drink or coming around with something to eat.  It was all soooo good too!

I’d say that BA is a few notches above quite a few of the other Airlines who are trying to cut costs and cut service.

Here’s the point of the post.  During the month of November, British Airways is having a ‘world sale’ to help promote their flights and packages flying out of the US and Canada.

If you’re going to Fly to London, anywhere in the UK or Europe in general wouldn’t you want to fly on British Airways? Look at the name!

If I were to fly on British Airways and take advantage of this deal I’d travel to London.  Even though I’m British I’ve seen very little of London. It’s a shame really, I was there a couple of times as a young child but remember very little of it. Since then I’ve been to and through the airports and that’s about all.
I’d like to see London properly. I’d like to see the center of my British heritage.

So, if you’re thinking about traveling any time soon consider British Airways. They have more than 200 entertainment options on board, complimentary food and cocktails, nice terminal lounges and friendly staff.

Be sure to book by November 19th though!

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