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Google set the standard for being more than slightly liberal with Inbox space.
When Gmail launched in 2004 it had only a gig of space. Now, Gmail users have 7 gigs of space to fill up.

It’s natural that, as the industry progresses, new standards develop, new technologies emerge, prices in certain markets decrease.
Google is using all of this to increase the free storage allocated to its users and to drop the price and increase the storage plans on it’s paid storage plans.

Through Google you can buy 20gb of storage for as little as $5 per year.

If you wanted to go completely crazy, you can purchase 1tb of online storage for $256 per year or as much as 16tb of space for $4,096 per year!

I don’t know why Google isn’t taking advantage of their massive Cloud storage infrastructure to offer simply offsite storage instead of focusing on what they are with only essentially backups of their photos through Picasa.

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