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The UK’s favorite claymation characters have come to the iPhone!
Wow, already they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary (… I remember when) and Titan Publishing is celebrating with the release of Wallace & Gromit Digital Comics for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

They’re setting a new frontier in Digital Publishing. Giving users the option to download their comics and look at them on their mobile devices is a  market that has still yet to be cornered imageproperly. I think they’re going to make a really good job of this one.

Selling at just 99 cents (or a free one) they’re not badly priced as comics go.

Looking at the Wallace and Gromit Parts and Labour comic in particular. It is priced at 99 cents, there are 45 colour panes of full screen art.

There are currently 4 Wallace and Gromit Digital Comic books available with more to come in the very near future.

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What do you think? will Digital comics become mainstream at all? Do people like the tactile feeling of a real comic book?

Download here:

Wallace & Gromit – The W Files

Wallace & Gromit – Parts and Labour

Wallace & gromit – Big In Japan!

Wallace & Grmit – Where there’s much there’s brass

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