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So, I got an email message today from a Facebook friend of mine – this isn’t anything new. I get a few messages via Facebook daily.
This one was weird though, this guy never makes any spelling mistakes and tends to email me links rather than send them through Facebook.

See the image or text below for the content of the message.

Mike sent you a message.
Subject: hey
“Saw thhat videoo yyesterday… Why did you do that??

I guess, because of addressing and linking standards Facebook links can be disguised as legitimate Facebook links and redirected to Malware touting sites.
I highlighted what is actually the address the link is sending you to (bold above)

See the alert I got when I cautiously clicked it (I’m confident in my detection software).

image Of course I had my Facebook friend change his Facebook password right away.

Beware of messages coming to you apparently from your friends through Facebook.

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