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Another brilliant concept courtesy of Yanko Design. Save Water Brick Design by Jin-young Yoon & Jeongwoong Kwon

Made from recycled materials, the ‘Save Water Brick’ is molded in such a way that there is a interconnectable channel printed into it’s side.

The idea is that, instead of poor drainage and ugly guttering systems, the building materials themselves actually channel the water to where it needs to end up.

Flower beds, tanks and drainage systems fill as the water flows through through the walls.

Not only would it look cool but it’s a pretty nice idea. Not only are you not producing fewer drainage materials but you’re recycling materials to make the bricks and actually using less brick material because of the imprint.

Two problems that I can see though:

You’d need to make sure your seals… the ‘mortar’ is excellent – this is a lot of leakage that could happen between bricks.

You’d have to make sure that your filter is adequate.

It’s interesting at any rate.. and something to work on.

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