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Pixbyte has come out with a really handy piece of software called DVD-Ranger.

The dvd-ranger software is pretty much the next generation of media copying software. No longer is just copying a DVD or making it into an image good enough. You need to be able to do a lot more with your DVDs and your copying software.

Of course it runs on the later Windows Operating systems too (certified compatible) including Microsoft Windows 7 which is good to see.

Though $59.99 isn’t terribly inexpensive it’s not a bad price for software with power like this has.

One of DVD_Rangers more special features is it’s ability to hot-fix DVD copy errors. The Hot-Fix manager takes care of pretty much any copy issue that you’d come across.

Yes, DVD-Ranger will burn BlueRay disks, in fact you can burn your DVDs to BlueRay (assuming you have a BlueRay burner of course) – Fit 9 DVDs onto one BlueRay!

Take your DVDs with you. Through DVD-Ranger you can copy your DVDs to formats that are usable on iPod, PSP, Zune and Netbooks. Netbooks – nice touch 🙂

Often people don’t want to just burn one DVD, they’ll be looking to digitize their whole library so that they can take it with them and back it up etc.

DVD-Ranger is worth checking out. There’s a 3-Day trial too.


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