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I have an iPhone, I make no secret of that fact. Come next year I’ll likely upgrade to a 3GS. Not because of the phone capabilities so much but because the iPhone is so darned entertaining!

Yamaha has seen the potential in the Apple iPod and iPhone market and has released a product that will unleash the power of the devices on you and your home entertainment system… without wires.

I believe I’ve found what I’d like from Santa for Christmas and it is the Yamaha PDX-60.


Essentially, the Yamaha PDX60 is a speaker with a small, wireless attachment for your iPod/iPhone.
The idea is that you can wander around your home with your iPod or iPhone and select what music you want to hear or what movies you want to see wirelessly.

Unlike other dock-like systems the PDX-60 doesn’t tether your device (the definition of ‘dock’, right?), because what’s the point in a tethered mobile device, what’s the point in a tethered iPhone!?

Evidently someone at Yamaha has an iPhone and/or an iPod and thought this one through.

For about $299 I could step my iPhone up a notch from what I use it for mostly already and really listen to my music and watch my videos how I want to.
Actually, I’d be listening to the radio all day long because I like to stream my Radio from the UK through my iPhone and this would give it the sound that it deserves.  I think I’d watch a lot more videos and movies too – something I’d like to do a lot more of.

So, a couple of highlights of the PDX-60 are that the wireless attachment is really quite small (the one pictured above is in a dock), it’s small enough to carry around and even use while you’re on the phone.
Your battery power doesn’t get sucked right down, right away with its low power consumption.

I love that this is wireless! It’s easy to hook up, priced about right, looks good and works well. Why didn’t someone think of this before?
It’s nice too that companies are still seeing this as a market with all the new mobile devices emerging.

Also, because we iPod and iPhone users are so picky Yamaha has come out with different colors to suit your iPod and Home decor – Black, Blue, Grey, and Pink.

So, anyone? this is the top of Christmas list if you need a hint or an idea.  🙂

Read more on Yamaha’s site

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