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The Oxford English Dictionary just announced its Word of the Year for 2009. What is it? the word is ‘Unfriend’.

It would appear that the official definition is:

“Unfriend: To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

It’s good publicity for Facebook at least.

I’m not sure who or what dictated these Words Of The Year but I suppose that more than 300 Million Facebook users is enough of a populous to give some form of dictation to culture and put another word, officially, into our language.

I wonder if the term ‘Friend’ has been given another meaning? Maybe, “Friend: to add, list, follow or stalk another social networking site such as Facebook.”

Other terms that were considered for the prestigious title of Word Of The Year included:

Hashtag – a Twitter term for helping users group together and search tweets.

Intexticated (a new one for me) – distracted because you’re texting. i.e texting while driving.

Netbook – a small laptop

Paywall – a subscription page or service that prohibits site visitors from viewing content.

Sexting – sending explicit text, SMS, or MMS messages to a persons phone.

See more in the Oxford University Press Blog

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