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You may not realize it, but the things that may make you a reliable Expert will also help you with your SEO, which in turn may enhance your natural ranking with Google, which will hopefully in turn help people searching for your product or service find you in the top of the search rankings.

Which makes them think of you as a Trusted Expert!

Do you see how that works?

If you want to be a reliable Expert ( and naturally you do ) you must be all over SEO. Thats because people inherently trust natural search results more than pay-per-click ads when they do a search.

Why? It doesn’t matter what the logical truth is, its the abdominal emotional response ( Iam such a genius for realizing that enormous word ) that counts, and gets people to do something. So, if you want to be considered a reliable Expert in a certain niche, then you want to rank well in your target keywords.

You may expect this post to be full of SEO tips and tricks, but what you do not realize is that youhave already been doing a lot already to enhance your SEO, if youhave been doing everything that Ive commended to become a Trusted Expert ( and you have been doing those things, havent you cause here is the prior post in the series if you missed it Press Releases the More Technical Stuff

  • Your blog. Google and the other search engines loves them some blogs. Every time you post, you improve your credibility and your standing with Google. Blogs are also a great way to target new keywords a good blog post with the correct word density ( 2-5% ) can bring you in a ton of new people if centered in the correct way.
  • your web press room. Again, Google loves anything that provides fresh content, and you are going to be posting every single promotional release you send out ( and again, you are sending promotional releases out now, right? ) This is particularly crucial as the online press release services only keep your publicity releases indexed for a short time. Anyone looking on the terms you used in those press releases after that time will be directed to your web press room / latest reports area. And if you do not have an area for your promotional releases, then theyll end upat somebody elses websites.

beyond your Trusted Expert content, there are a loads of basic technical things you must be doing to enhance your SEO.

  • Make sure no two titles and descriptions on your site are the same (Google often deems this as duplicate content, even though the pages might be completely different)
  • Use your alt tags and add your primary keyword to one of them (most important is to describe the image but when possible add a keyword to one of them)
  • Check for broken links and images (Google hates errors)
  • Have your main keyword in an h1 tag (only once)
  • Link to related high authority resources (Google likes seeing you offering visitors relevant info and linking to high authority sites)
  • Have a Google friendly site map and submit it to the google webmaster tools.
  • Internally link to your main pages with the keyword anchor text you want to rank for (internal linking is very important and often overlooked)
  • Add your primary keyword phrase to your title, description & keyword tags (only one time in each)
  • Use a robots.txt file.

There are a lot of other tips to enhance your SEO, but this is the best place to start. Like many things about being a trustworthy Expert, it all comes back to the content. Properly targeted content not only brands you as a Trusted Expert, but it also improves your SEO and makes it easier for folk to find you, which helps them to see you as a trusted Expert.

Funny how reciprocal that is well I believe so anyhow sort of.

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