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A 29 year old woman in Montreal, Canada has had her disability benefits revoked after insurance company investigators found photos of her on Facebook.

Nathalie Blanchard has been on disability leave from her employer, IBM, after being diagnosed with serious depression.

After 2 year away from work, Blanchard stopped receiving her disability payments in the mail and found that it was because her insurance company had seen pictures of her, on Facebook, smiling and having a good time.

It’s a fact that Insurance companies, and the legal profession make use of Facebook and other Social Media and Social Networking Platforms as tools of their trade.
In Nathalie’s case, it was the pictures, posted of her at a Chipendale event, at a bar, smiling and having fun, as well as comments made by her, on her profile, about her climbing a mountain that prompted the benefits revocation.

Blanchard said “”I suffered anxiety attacks, and depression. I couldn’t work anymore,”…”She said she had taken my picture from my Facebook. And she said that I’m not sick,”…”I don’t understand why I gave all my life to IBM to get what I get now,”.

Apparently IBM hasn’t commented on the case yet.

Wow – this is quite a precident and should start a few bells ringing in the Social Media community.

Of course, you should always be mindful of what you’re posting online and where you’re posting it. i.e It might not be a good idea to write “I’m so hungover. I don’t think I’ll bother with work today” and then call in sick.

Surprising it’s done all too often. People Tweet, update status’, post pictures, check in and more when they’re really not supposed to be.

Is this another boundary in investigative services and employee tracking? What do you think? chime in!

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