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Without a doubt, IMDB just released an iPhone app that has to be among the most useful of all iPhone apps currently online.

For some time I’ve been shouting for an IMDB iPhone app – my Twitter followers will attest to this.
I use IMDB quite a lot. I’ll see a movie or someone in a movie and wonder “where have I seen him/her before?” of course it’ll niggle at me until I get online and look it up.

Naturally, IMDB is my number one hit as soon as I Google a movie name or actor/actress name.. mostly because it’s at the top of my search results along with Wikipedia. photo (1)

Luckily I have a vigilant Twitter following who, after my rant about the lack of an app, quite happily corrected me (below) and pointed me in the right direction.

So, what does the app do?

Of course it gives you a reference of more than 1.5 million movie and TV titles. More than 3.2 Million celebrities are listed too.

The IMDB iPhone app does something that the site really can’t do terribly well. It’ll geolocate you (assuming you’re on your GPS enabled iPhone) and give you accurate local movie showtimes.
As well as your local cinema showtimes you are offered a “Coming Soon” option, what’s ranking and how at the US box Office, what’s being searched for most on IMDB and the Top 250 movies as voted by IMDB users.

US TV Tonight shows you what you must watch on TV and at what time. The US TV Recaps tells you about the shows that you missed over the last night or two.

Of course, the stars don’t miss out either. There is a “STARmeter” showing you which stars are being searched for most on IMDB as well as a quick ‘Born Today’ button so that you can see… well… which stars were born on the day you’re using the app.

What’s nice is that you can search right from the opening screen.

Data is laid out very well and, like site, there’s a whole lot of it.

Screens link together rather well, you can easily end up browsing for some time just by tapping button, to button to button.

This app is well worth a download! It’s such a valuable resource for anyone anywhere and is always good for winning “that guy was in that movie” arguments.

Learn more here

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