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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

It used to be that when a smart phone vibrated in your hand to the beat of the music it was playing it meant that you were about to blow the tiny speaker that was hidden away somewhere in your device.

It used to be that you’d have to carry some kind of audio player (what kind is down to how old you are), a camera, a phone and drag out the Video Camera only when you needed it.

It used to be that you’d have to use a variety of apps to access your favorite Social Networking sites, often concentrating on just one and neglecting the others.

Not any more! Stop carrying sacks full of stuff – leave al those devices at home – consolidate!
I know I’d like to not have to find a video camera every time I need one.

LG (actually stands for “Lucky GoldStar”) has released the LG Chocolate Touch Smart Phone to take care of everything that you need to, all in one handy, slick little device.

The LG Chocolate Touch brings exceptionally high quality Dolby Mobile Technology to the palm of your hand to bring you crystal clear sound while you’re on the phone, watching video, listening to your music or using the new voice messaging system.

There’s a Rhythmical Beat feature that vibrates your phone to your media… on purpose.

Sweet visuals and an easy to use interface make the Chocolate Touch a tasty (pun intended) little phone.  While the aesthetic design is nothing groundbreaking the phone itself still looks good.

The 3.2 MegaPixel records video and takes pictures pretty well while you’re on the move.

The responsive touch screen puts the ‘touch’ in the Chocolate Touch. The headphone jack makes it personal (great quality), the built in GPS makes it navigable, the one-touch Social Networking button makes it… well… social.

The LG Chocolate Touch is certainly a phone to check out. (currently on the Verizon network in the US)



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