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(ARA) – Technology continues to hold a significant place in Americans‘ hearts and wallets. The Consumer Electronics Association recently reported that it expected consumer spending on personal electronics to increase slightly over last year. With less money to spend, consumers are looking at technology innovation that will not only offer them personal enjoyment but also help them save money at home.

One area of technology that has been overlooked but offers great value is backyard weather.

For many, the weather tools of the past are long gone. Seldom will you see a weather glass, cylinder rain gauge or old-fashioned weathervane in an American household. Instead you may discover wireless weather stations, soil moisture and leaf wetness probes, and even computer software that allow users to track, graph and analyze historical data.

Today’s weather stations often include two elements – a solar-power Integrated Sensor Suite and a portable, battery-operated console. Important weather variables include daily highs and lows, temperature changes by the hour, barometric changes, wind speed and direction, humidity, and astronomical data, such as meteor showers.

The Vantage Vue wireless weather station, by Davis Instruments, for example, uses frequency-hopping radio spectrum technology to wirelessly send data, up to 1,000 feet every 2.5 seconds, to a console. In addition to providing updates on outdoor weather, the easy-to-read console also collects data for indoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The weather station has been tested in a commercial wind tunnel and can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph.
Savvy homeowners realize the importance of current and historical weather data whenever they are working in the garden, doing light home repairs or improvements and planning backyard activities. Good weather is good for your investments.

Studies at the University of California-Davis, show that even the slightest change in climate and/or activities like late-season watering when there is a threat of rain can mean the difference between healthy backyard ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetables and gardening heartbreak.

As many gardeners know, high winds can dry soil out quickly. A surprise wind storm can result in unforeseen damages. Knowing when an early frost is coming allows homeowners to take preventative measures like covering up plants or watering them before the cold temps hit. Replacing damaged or dead plants can be costly. Knowing the weather can help avoid unnecessary loss.

Handy men and women know that planning home improvement activities, like painting, pouring concrete, masonry work and roofing, around inclement weather can produce better results. Knowing when to protect exposed work areas from impending damaging weather can translate into disaster averted. Homeowners can avoid cost overruns that happen when materials are ruined by bad weather.

Outdoor events, like backyard weddings, barbeques and pool parties, can also have a greater chance of success, thanks to new weather technology. Some weather stations’ consoles can graph historical data for hours, days and months. With weather software, that information can be uploaded to a PC and even to the Internet. Having historical data about the weather in your backyard can improve the odds of hitting a traditionally beautiful day.

Weather station consoles that offer simultaneous alarms are also critical for saving money.

Also, for the ultimate in weather monitoring, look for a station that offers software for the PC and Internet. Stations, like those manufactured by Davis Instruments, offer a free community weather network and iPhone application. (Users must purchase WeatherLinkIP.)

Look for products that are made in the United States and have a reputation for quality, durability and accuracy. New innovations in weather technology mean you can have fun and save money at the same time.

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