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Here’s an interesting idea. From TweetNGo Inc. comes Flixup! A movie review app that ties into Twitter.

Crowdsourcing, using Twitter for movie reviews.

Flixup! uses what your friends are saying and general Twitter chatter to tell you whether a movie is worth seeing or not.

It’s a great idea. Movie review sites, TV shows and other media reports normally rely on a single source and opinion to give you. View movies and see what movies are the most popular on Twitter
More and more people like to hear what others, including their friends, are saying about movies and more before (hopefully) forming their own informed opinion and deciding on it themselves.

Some of the main features are that:
Flixup! trawls your Twitter Stream to tell you only what movies your friends (and others) are talking about. You don’t have to search through many, many tweets to see what’s being said.

Flixup! gives you a general sentiment. The app looks at what’s being said and the tone of the comment and tells you whether it’s all good, bad or just indifferent.

Flixup! gives you the volume of chatter, telling you whether a movie is being talked about a lot or just a little.


Download the app here
Find out more at the Bazaar Labs Blog

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