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Whether you’re an international enterprise or a small office, you need some kind of Information Technology equipment management. Along with the management comes maintenance.
Some companies have an entire IT Staff to take care of the equipment others just have a staff member take care of it.

No matter how large or small the network, no matter how much or how little  equipment you have, it’s always a good idea to have a trained professional at arm’s reach to take care of problems as the arise (which they inevitably do).

Yes, manufacturers offer equipment warranties. To make the most of a manufacturer warranty you have to deal with a high class manufacturer, you have to pay top dollar, you’re subject to their whims and price increases, and you deal with staff who don’t necessarily know you, your staff and your network.
If you have equipment from different suppliers and manufacturers, you end up with a fractured maintenance program, disbursed between different sources. It’s generally not pretty.

By using a Third Party Maintenance Program like one offered by Canvas Systems, you gain a diverse, unbiased central point of contact for your IT needs.

A single point of contact is key in my opinion. I prefer to deal with companies who give you a name and a number to call. I like having a ‘Go To’ person. In fact, I use that model for my company. Inveitably networks have differet components from different manufacturers, switches from one, servers from another, moniters from someone else, desktp machines from somewhere. The list goes on.
Different manufacturers mean different numbers to call, different warranties, different support, different people, and more.
A central point of contact consolidates all of this into one number, one voice, pne person.

Naturally the same company that supplies your servers is going to suggest that you use them for your rack, your monitors and your desktop machines, right? That’s how it works in business.
Unbiased hardware support means that reccomendations are made on what works best for you and your needs. Consider your wallet, not someone elses.

Variable levels of support means that you don’t have to pay an entire IT department a salary, even when you’re not using them. Pay for the support you need. When you need it.
Don’t get my wrong, I’ve managed an IT department – IT Departments, in my mind, are critical. Sometimes you need to supplement your internal staff though. Who will take care of your support while someone is away on vacation?
Use staff who are always familiar with the latest equipment, all the time.

Learn more about Third Party Maintenence Programs here


[This post was kindly sponsored by Canvas Systems – I mean every word though 🙂 ]

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