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Traditional computer security measures are not enough to protect your laptop and netbook. You have to pay attention on various laptop related security risks such as insecure public wireless network, laptop theft, laptop search, about which you don’t worry with your desktop computer. Whether your laptop is stolen or not, your privacy can still be at risk by simply traveling with your laptop. Law enforcement and other authority can search your laptop to look for evidences on any illegal activity and illicit materials such as unlicensed songs, movies and software stored on your laptop. However, good laptop security does not necessarily cost you money. Here are 7 easy-to-use, useful and free software that can help you protect your laptop, your sensitive data and your privacy.

1.      Encryption. TrueCrypt is a trustworthy encryption program that can protect your data against unauthorized access.

2.      Backup. Cobian Backup is reliable backup software that can protect your data against loss. An alternative is Mozy free edition, which is an online backup software with 2 Gbytes space.

3.      Antivirus. AVG free edition provides protection against viruses, spyware and other malware. A lightweight alternative is Avira free edition.

4.      Firewall. The built-in Windows firewall protects your laptop against hackers while you’re online. (but make sure you configured it properly)

5.      Tracking. Prey lightweight laptop tracking software that can locate your laptop if it is stolen.

6.      Alarm. LAlarm helps prevent your laptop from theft and is like a car alarm for your laptop. Also it can recover and destroy data in case of laptop theft and more.

7.      File shredder. Eraser permanently deletes sensitive data such as passwords, Internet  browse history, personal information from your laptop.



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