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Coradiant has launched an appliance that runs your web analytics inside your network for you, they’re calling it Analytics In A Box (or AIB).

The AIB Appliance quite happily sits, quietly behind your firewall, using packet-sniffing technology to independently collect analytic data.

Coradiant’s AIB has been created in partnership with Google, it runs Google’s Urchin analytics software.

This is a different way to ready your analytic data, it’s secure, it’s right there and it’s yours!
Up to now, companies have had to use free or subscription online services to provide their analytic data, with the AIB model, enterprises own the appliance and the license to the analytic data running on it, promising faster, more flexible, secure data gathering.

According to Coradiant:

“Analytics In A Box provides a comprehensive view into customer Web site interaction, and insights into online conversion outcomes. Analytics capabilities are substantially enhanced through access to a richer data model and customizable reporting solutions. A complete set of dashboards for executive consumption, as well as access to granular data allows deeper insights into marketing optimization, site performance, content optimization, conversion behavior and navigational analysis.”

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