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At home or at work, your computer data is valuable, few people realize how valuable computer data is until it is stolen, mismanaged or simply goes missing.

At an Enterprise Level, data can make or break a job, a deal or even a company.

The average cost of a data breach has risen more than 11% since 2006.  Per breach (on average) $6.6 Million – That’s Crazy!

Sophos is a huge player in Business-to- Business data protection and encryption services.  They’re a huge player because they’re good at what they do. Sophos’ Encryption software is World renowned (just listen to the video, hear the British accents and you’ll see).

Sophos is a good source of knowledge too. There’s an interesting White Paper on their “Sophos Security and Data Protection” page about stopping Data Leakage.

It’s really quite interesting how papers like this can spark any number of thoughts in your mind on what, not only you’re doing wrong within your own company but what you see other companies doing wrong too.

For example, Viruses, while not as prevalent as they have been in the past can cause all kinds of data loss problems and open up holes in computer systems for data to leak through. Installing Antivirus software is all well and good but is it monitored?

Malware is a huge problem. All too often it infects systems and sinks it’s claws deep into the operating system and beyond. Malware is all too easily downloaded and our wonderful end users are all too often oblivious to the fact. Monitoring systems and preventing Malware installations is a really big deal.

How about your security software? does your enterprise even have Security Software? My favorite term in the White Paper is “Stopping the stupid” – USB keys are easily carried into an office, plugged into a computer, filled with data and then carried away. Look for security software that can block and stop the use of USB keys and other external storage devices.

See the White Paper Here

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