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What if you are forced to reveal passwords of your computer or encryption key but you have to protect the information inside your computer?

In some circumstances, you may not be able to refuse to disclose username and password of your computer or you may be forced or pressurized to log onto your computer. For example, extortion or laptop search at an airport or border.

Here is how you can protect the data in such situations. First you create and configure a forced account in your computer. A forced account is a computer user account that is configured to destroy sensitive data in a forced logon or a logon as a result of forced username and password disclosure. To find out how to easily create and configure a forced account, see

When you have to disclose your username and password of your computer, give out the username and password of the forced account instead of your regular account. When someone logs onto the forced account in your computer, your computer will destroy sensitive data. But your computer will continue to run as usual as if nothing had happened.

Furthermore, you can also configure your laptop to self-destruct when it is stolen or fall into the wrong hands.

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