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(ARA) – There are many new and exciting advances in the world of consumer electronics, and when it comes to purchasing your newest gadget, wading through endless options can be daunting. Ask anyone who has gone on vacation with a sub-par camera or sat through a grainy or fuzzy movie or sporting event on their TV – there is nothing more frustrating that dealing with outdated or confusing technology.

With so much confusion around electronics and what to look for when buying, it leaves many people wishing they had a personal shopper to help them determine what’s best for them, with a minimum amount of hassle. The best idea is to turn to a trusted source that can help you make a well-informed decision.

The same attention that we pay to making sure our clothes have the right style for us should also be given to making sure electronics are the best fit for our lifestyles. While we don’t all have personal shoppers, there are great online resources and tips from electronics experts that can make your search and shopping process easier and more fun.

Know the ABCs of cameras and TVs
The many acronyms that get tacked onto cameras and TVs to describe their characteristics and capabilities can make your head spin. However, it really is important that you understand what you are buying, so you can make sure to get exactly what you need. When it comes to TVs, simply finding out what kind of screen you need is confusing. Do you opt for an LCD (liquid crystal display), plasma or LED (light-emitting diode)? Is one better than the other for video games or watching Blu-ray discs?
Searching for a new camera can be just as confusing. There are so many camera terms to understand, megapixels, RAW, SD cards . . . you’d need to be a pro to explain the laundry list of functions and settings on some of the more advanced models. Before making a final purchase, you should definitely conduct some research and create a list of questions you need answered. Find a few models that are of interest to you and do some comparison shopping.

Harness the power of the Web
One of the best resources for consumer electronics information is the Internet. It’s most people’s go-to research tool these days, and there are some great sites devoted to specific brands and models of TVs and cameras, along with consumer reviews to give you more piece-of-mind.

However if you really don’t have time to do research about every last detail, new tools like and from Sears are ideal resources. You simply answer a few quick questions about where and how you’ll use a new camera or TV and it does the matchmaking for you, providing the three top choices for your exact needs.

If you’re looking for a new television, the TV MatchMaker suggests the best television options for you based on your criteria including:
* the brightness of the room
* where you’ll put the TV and
* the other kinds of equipment you’ll be connecting to the TV

The Camera MatchMaker takes into account information like:
* the kind of pictures you most often take
* how much control you want to have over the settings
* what type of camera design you prefer
* your brand preference

The only thing better than getting the right product for your needs is getting it for a great price. If you go to the TV and Camera MatchMaker sites and answer the questions to find your best match, you can also enter the MatchMaker Sweepstakes for a chance to win a gift card that may be used toward your home electronics purchase with one quick click. For complete official rules, go to:

Just as you wouldn’t wear a sweater or shoes that don’t fit, you shouldn’t have electronics that don’t meet your needs. For more information about finding the right TV and camera for you, visit and

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