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According to Wikipedia, “Sexting is the act of sending sexually illicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phones

The word ‘sext’ is a mix of the words ‘Sex’ and ‘Text’.

Sexting isn’t new – it’s been around for years. As cell phones have turned into smart phones with camera and video capabilities images have become more readily available. As text, SMS and MMS messaging has become more popular and inexpensively accessible to the masses so have the ability to sext.

Like many forms of digital media and communication, text, SMS and MMS messages, illicit or not, are easily forwarded and spread using mobile devices and the Internet (see the picture to the right for example).  All too often and all too easily pictures and messages that were sent privately are circulated and quickly get out of control. Sext Message

Increasingly popular among young adults, there have been a number of legal cases where charges and convictions have been brought up against teenagers and adults relative to child pornography.

Similarly to email, prosecution in such cases is difficult. It’s hard to control the messages once they spread, and authorities have to track down ‘recipient one’ – the person who started the spread of the message.
Originating senders (those who took the picture etc) have been charged with distribution of Child Pornography also.

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