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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Moviestorm. All opinions are 100% mine.

No Movie making experience? not a problem! This is an interesting site that came across my desk today.

Moviestorm (currently in beta) is a Free (extra characters etc available for a subscription) download that lets you create quick, simple, mostly computer generated, movies, without any movie making experience at all.

Build your  set (decoration, furnishings, scenery etc), choose your characters, direct the action, film the movie and you’re good to go!

image From the Moviestorm software, you can upload your movie straight to the Moviestorm site and be a part of the Moviestorm online community. Movies are quickly and easily embeddable from the movie viewing page.

The Moviestorm site is really, really simple. Not a lot to navigate. There are lots of tours and screenshots to help you along your way.
Its one of those sites that, once you watch one clip, you click around and watch more and more and end up spending much longer there than you thought you would.

The basic characters and sets are enough to get you going. It’s enough to try the software and make a pretty good short. voice over your movies yourself or use the computer generated voices. image

Looking through some of the movies already up online in the gallery, there are some pretty good, pretty detailed movies, there are quick demos of scenes, photo slideshows and even people creating complete drama series’.

I think if I were to really, really get into using Moviestorm I’m do a drama series, scripted and the works.

As I mentioned, there is the free, basic package to get you going and your juices flowing. If you want to get further into your movies there are Moviestorm subscriptions that give you access to Theme packs, characters, music and sounds, and combo type packs. Not a bad deal for $7.99 per month.

To make the site yet more social there are Moviestorm widgets broaden your horizons just a little more.
Photostorm helps create photo slideshows.
Photostorm Live integrates your Facebook account and grabs photos from Facebook to add to your movie.
Greetingstorm creates customizable greeting card type movie messages.
Greetingstorm Live integrates with Facebook to bring pictures from Facebook into yur greeting card movies.

If anything, I can see Moviestorm being used by TV studios and production companies to test out sets, lighting and camera angles. It’s a great idea to pre-plan the scene virtually, even let your actors see how you want it to go and then really shoot it.

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