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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Heineken. All opinions are 100% mine.

In their never ending striving to promote public responsibility, Heineken has released a free app for the iPhone called “Know The Signs”. The app is essentially a ‘breathalyzer’ that is supposed to make your friends think twice about their actions when they’ve had a few too many to drink. image

The Know the Signs app is a free download and, after a quick set up, (country and date of birth) you’re ready to go.

You’re presented a number of types of people, the kinds of people that people turn into when they’re more than a little tipsy, i.e “The Groper, The Sleeper, The Crier, The Fighter etc.
Pick the person that your friend tends to turn into, or pick the randomizer, and have your friend blow at your iPhone microphone.
After your friend has blown sufficiently into the microphone they’re presented with a number of options, one of which is a video depicting how that kind of person looks when they’re too far gone.

Naturally, the idea is that your friend will be happily oblivious to the fact that you don’t have a real breathalyzer in your hand. Hopefully though they’ll have their senses in tact enough to not just laugh at the video and realize how they look to others.

It’s a pretty god idea. Like the name of the app says,  it’s all about knowing the signs. It’s all about recognizing that you’ve become the groper and that you’ve gone too far.

What do you think?

Download the Heineken Breathalyzer iPhone app here
Check out The Heineken Know The Signs website here

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