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Now, this is interesting.

Not many people use the apps section of Netflix. Admittedly, I rarely check it out.
One of the apps that is approved by Netflix is called Feedflix.

Feedflix takes a look at your Netflix account, how you’re using it and tells you where you’re getting your money’s worth and where you’re lacking.

I just changed my Netflix membership to 2 DVDs at home with the Bluray option. It’ll be interesting to see how my usage changes.


  • I’ve rented 562 DVDs since Jan. 2003 (seems low)
  • I keep DVDs at home for 9 days (I need to work on that)
  • My average cost per movie is $0.68 (bargain)
  • According to Feedflicks, I’m making excellent use of my Netflix account – always good to know!

Get your money’s worth from your Netflix account, check out

Author: Andy Quayle

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