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In response to the recent devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, Google has launched a Crisis response center as a resource for those wishing to help and those trying to find friends and relatives.

Google is offering free calls to those with relatives in Haiti via Google Voice (for the next two weeks).
There are videos (with a submission button right there), there are recently updated Google Earth images and more.

I’d like to focus though, on the Google Person Finder.

This is something that was needed in events like the 9-11 World Trade Center collapse and when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana. Others have tried to do it but it would take a company like Google to do it properly.

The idea being the Google Person Finder is that anyone can use the simple box to either attempt to find someone or submit information about someone.

Hopefully the Red Cross and other Emergency Services are embracing this feature.

Currently there are nearly 27,000 records in the Person Finder. Out of a 10 Million person population it’s not a lot but hopefully it’ll help.


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