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I was pleasantly surprised to see Tweets in Google search results the other day.

Now, I know I might not be entirely on the ball with this ‘news’ but I’m excited about it.

If you search for a company or person name that is the same as a Twitter account (case sensitivity seems to matter from time to time) you’re likely to see Twitter results on your Google Search Results page too. (see below)

imageWhat’s clever is that it updates so very, very quickly. In fact, if you get a new  Twitter result, it updates live in the search window!

If anything, this is a good reason to get your brand out there on twitter and make good use of it. Not only can people search for you/your company name but they can see what you’re saying and what is being said about you when they do search.

For example – a simple search for Chris Brogan returned the expected search results and some handy Tweets too: 

imageNotice that it’s not only Chris’ Tweets that show up but other people mentioning Chris too. 

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Author: Andy Quayle

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