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The Glastonbury festival or ‘Glasto’ is an incredibly popular contemporary performing arts festival held in Pilton, England.
Held (almost) annually, the festival sees between 150.000 and 177,000 attendees which of course, in turn generates a lot of waste.

This year the organizers are looking for ‘Green Police’ to help…well… police the event and make sure that attendees are a little more green in their practices than usual.

In keeping with the spirit of the event, the Green Police have been termed as a “funky alternative walkabout in the heart of the festival” informing people of “the rules” using humour and sexiness.

There will be ‘green bags and leaflets available to all those at the festival with a strong emphasis on issues such as wildlife conservancy and generally being nice to mother earth.


p>I think the advertisement (see right) depicting Al Gore as a Green superhero really says a lot.

Author: Andy Quayle

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