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VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) has been around for a few years now, businesses and residential users have been slow to pick up on the ‘new technology’ but you?

If VOIP is so powerful, is VOIP can save you so much money and if it’s so convenient, why haven’t more telephone users made the switch from traditional carriers to VOIP?

Part of the problem I think is perception. Users see and hear “Over Internet” and naturally assume that the entire thing is wholly Internet related and therefore is subject to the same faults and intolerances as the Internet is. Also, why would I want my phone to be attached to something that is mainly used for web pages and Instant Messaging?

It’s more a branding problem than anything I think.

I’ve had VOIP phone here at home for years now through Vonage and I love ‘em. I’ve consulted on and installed enterprise class VOIP systems in the commercial sector too, with very, very positive outcomes.

I use VOIP at home because it’s terribly convenient. I’m British, that’s no secret. Thanks to the VOIP technology through my provider, I can have a phone number anywhere in the World as well as my home number. For a low monthly fee, I have a phone number in London that my family can use to call me. It costs me nothing and costs them the price of a local call.

It’s inexpensive too! for as much as I use my landline, I don’t need anything terribly complicated. VOIP is a cheap alternative to selling your soul to the typical phone providers.

Cable companies are really hopping onto the VOIP bandwagon now too. Along with your cable television service, and high speed Internet, you can buy VOIP phone service through your Cable service provider, often saving money with all of the services bundled together.

Why would you or wouldn’t you use VOIP at home or in your business?

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Author: Andy Quayle

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