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Just a quick site review, more to bring it to your attention and give it a little exposure than anything else.

mDistribute is a ‘self-serve’ licensing platform for filmmakers, animators, and buyers. It’s actually a great way to bring those people who make video type content together with those who want video type content.  It’s one of those sites that, when I first saw it I said “ooh! this is a good idea”.

Filmmakers/Animators: register and upload their content. mDistribute staff reviews and assigns it a ‘quality score’, your work appears in the online catalog for brokers, carriers and agencies to view.
If someone likes your work and purchases it mDistribute sends the funds (minus a transaction fee) to your PayPal account.

Content Buyers: Register, browse the catalog for work that suites your purpose, buy and distribute.

It’s remarkably simple and such a great concept. All to often distributors and producers have a hard time crossing paths. It’s nice to see a well designed, functional site that easily brings the two together.

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