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I always thought that camera bags were just…camera bags until I brought myself a really nice camera. There are so many cameras on the market now, there has to be a camera case to suit each type, each model, even each look – then there are all of the accessories that every camera user has for his or her camera. Some people have just the camera, some have a camera and a lens, others have multiple camera and multiple lenses, there are hardcore users who have much more than that and need a bag that will cater for much more, more expensive equipment.

Of course, as with any personal accessory and with anything you’re going to be seen carrying, it has to look good too, right? Camera bags come in all manner of shapes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a roll-along ‘luggage’ kind for your vast array of equipment or just a pouch for for your family digital camera, you have endless options and don’t have to opt for the simple black any more.

Yes, there was likely a case that came with your camera. Is it you though? Does it say “Hey, this case and the stuff inside it is mine”? It the case that came with your camera too big or too small for the equipment that you have or plan to purchase?

What do you think of and look for when you’re buying a camera bag? Do you even have a bag for your camera?

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