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Yesterday I tweeted a question on Twitter

This morning, I awoke to an email in my Gmail account revealing to me that there were four responses to my question. This email was a Google Buzz update with replies to a tweet that never showed up on Twitter. I was intrigued by this. I reviewed my replies on Twitter, and sure enough, these four responses to my question weren’t there. On Twitter, there was one reply, but it was posted AFTER I had received these replies on Buzz. This unplanned scientific experiment (no hypothesis, just observation and conclusion) resulted in: 80% response on Buzz and 20% response on Twitter. I just started using Buzz less than 48 hours ago, and I admit, I have not taken the time to research it whatsoever. Just jumped in to test the water. I heard about Buzz on Twitter and learned more about it in a phone conversation with a friend who was following the launch of this “potentially game-changing” tool. (Her words, but I concur.) Given this humble perspective, here are my first observations on Google Buzz, based upon my own experience:

  • Your status updates on Twitter are pulled by Google and posted to your Google Buzz.
  • What people comment on in Google Buzz (i.e. a reply to your tweet) shows up in your Google Buzz.
  • What people comment on in Google Buzz does NOT show up in your Twitter stream.
  • In just three days of Google Buzz’s launch, it’s proven to be a more responsive tool than Twitter in my personal experience, at least when seeking input from others.

I have no vested interest in any particular social media¬†tool. I simply seek the tools to connect me most effectively with people. The format of Google Buzz seems to complement Twitter for my use of these tools. We’ll see as I explore more!

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