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(ARA) – As your daughter recounts her exciting day at school, your eyes widen in fear as her demonstrating arms wildly swing around and connect with the glass of juice – full of course – on the counter. Before you have a chance to react, both juice and glass splash down to the carpet below. The good news: The carpet prevented the glass from breaking. The bad news: You’re once again cleaning a bright stain out of the carpet.

Moms like you say they clean the carpet on 85 days of the year, according to research from Woolite(R) Carpet and Upholstery. The top stains are from juice, soda pop, chocolate and ketchup – all favorite food items or children’s activities, so no wonder you’re always cleaning up messes. The average mom can point to eight stains in the carpets in her house without batting an eye. And most of those stains she attempted to remove, without success.

The research also found that moms feel embarrassed about stains left in the carpet, reporting that carpet stains "make them feel like their home is dirty."

But stains aren’t the only dirty marks in carpets in homes across the country. Dingy-looking carpet – from high-traffic, pets, active children or dirt and debris being tracked in from outside – can make the house look old, even when the carpet is relatively new.

Here are a couple of tips to help keep your carpet looking fresh so you won’t feel angst during your daughter’s storytelling enhanced with enthusiastic gestures, or hesitate in the future to invite your friends over:
* On rainy and snowy days, your shoes and boots track in plenty of dirt and sand from the outside. Establish a family rule that everyone remove their shoes at the door. Create a comfy nook for storing the shoes, complete with a bench for people to sit on, and also keep a selection of slippers near the door so visitors can keep their feet warm and comfortable.

* Stains are going to happen, and moms can use the power of Woolite(R) Oxy Deep(R) to remove spots and stains on carpets and rugs all the way through to the backing. Targeting the stain with this powerful cleaner means you won’t be spending hours on your hands and knees trying to scrub chocolate out of the family room carpet.

* In the warmer weather, make good use of the outdoors. Plan picnics out on the lawn or nice and cozy on the porch or patio. When the kids have friends over, make homemade frozen treats with fruit juice, and serve them outside in the fresh air. You’ll be glad you enjoyed the outdoors so much when winter hits again.

* For deep down dirt casting a dingy look over your carpet, try the Woolite Rug Stick(R) Kit, which contains Heavy Traffic(R) cleaner that injects foam deep down into the carpet, lifting and removing ground-in dirt.

* Vacuum frequently to help keep the carpet fibers from collecting dirt and matting down. While this doesn’t prevent stains, it does help with the build up of a high-traffic look in halls and doorways. If you have pets, this is a good way to keep the amount of pet hair collecting in the carpet to a minimum.

As a busy mom, you don’t have to spend your days following your children around and worrying about the carpet. Instead, tackle those stains with Woolite Oxy Deep, or remove deep down dirt with Woolite Rug Stick Kit with Heavy Traffic cleaner, so you can play with your children on the carpet and enjoy it.

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