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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PayLoadz. All opinions are 100% mine.


We’ve all seen shopping carts online. Most of us have made purchases in one form or another through Online Shopping carts. It’s rare how many shopping carts and other eCommerce platforms cater exclusively to digital downloads though, and there’s no doubt that digital downloads are increasing in number.

What are ‘digital downloads’? well, the chances are that you’ve downloaded something in this category online, in fact, you may well have paid for it.
Digital downloads include, music, files, eBooks, Videos, Software, Audio Files, pictures, photos, designs and patterns and more.

I like PayLoadz as a provider because they evidently use many of the same ideas in business that I do – Keep it simple – cater to the customer.

Firstly, look at their site at, its simple.  If you plan on selling your digital product, there is pretty much just 3 steps to it all. Upload your files, get a button to place on your site etc, start selling.
Transactions are processed through Paypal and you get paid when someone buys. And, apparently, the only fees involved are those from PayPal (30 cents + 2.9%)

It’s great, get signed up and share your button, I love that it’s that simple.

PayLoadz is so much into customer education that they have quite the extensive blog too. It’s all about the types of content being produced thanks to their platform and well worth checking out at

So, are you into digital downloads? Do you create digital media in any form? give PayLoadz a shot and start selling.

Find out more at




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