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The latest in a range of sleek looking, more than just pretty iPod speakers from Bowers & Wilkins is the Zeppelin Mini.

The award winning system is smaller than it’s predecessor, the Zeppelin (naturally) and actually looks completely different – really not like a small balloon at all.

For more than 40 years, Bowers & Wilkins has design and function together in some pretty sweet technology and the Zeppelin Mini is no exception.

Sit your iPod or iPhone on the stand and sit it perfectly above the silver, mirrored bowl. It’s nice that that the iPod stand/connector isn’t just a there to plug you device into the speaker, it’s a part of it and a part of the design. It’s great too, that it’s not a big, ugly clamp that you have to stick your iPhone into.
The Zeppelin Mini’s rotating arm holds your device nicely at an angle you can see to control your music.

You can connect the Zeppelin Mini to your PC/Mac via USB and stream music to it too as well as sync your iPod or iPhone. This makes it an expensive iPod dock but a pretty one nonetheless.
There is an analog (3.5mm) Jack available too if you want to take that route.

At 6.8 inches tall and 12.6 inches wide, the Mini isn’t terribly petite and would need dedicated space on your desk however it doesn’t seem overly dominating.

The black cloth surrounds the unit and the sub is placed in the rear with the ports.

There’s a cool little glossy, pebble shaped remote too!

The Zeppelin Mini is currently selling for about $400.

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