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Essentially it’s a boob shaped ploy. Often found on YouTube, a ‘Boob Mine’ is a thumbnail that shows (mostly) female cleavage with the sole purpose of luring hopefully guys, or girls, only to dash their hopes with a video of anything but female anatomy.

Though Boob Mines proliferate on YouTube, it’s a common method of drawing in clicks on many sites.
It’s common knowledge that YouTube doesn’t allow anything even remotely adult or risqué, yet people still cling on to that hope that there will be a video that slipped through, a video that might show a little more of a women than your mother might like for you to see.

Boob mining tactics are used in videos too. The video that inspired this post on Current TV (below) pointed out the Hot For Words YouTube ‘sensation’.
They’re right, front and center of the video is Marina Orlova’s ample chest. For videos about vocabulary the imagery seems to be focused on anything but.
If you watch even seconds of the video you’ll see that the top of the presenter’s head isn’t even in the shot. Heck, we’re lucky her mouth is I guess.

There are those (real and spammy) on Twitter who rely on Boob Mining tactics too – when an avatar is one of the first things that potential followers look at you have to make an… impression, right?
Well, sticking your (or someone else’s) chest right out there is bound to get you some attention and some followers.

Let’s sum up – “Boob Mine” – a cleavage shaped ploy designed to lure you into clicking on an image or watching a video.

Inspired by Viral Video Film School on Current TV (Video Below)

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