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Communicating with your friends and family over video is now possible in a trice with the launch of the new Flip Mino HD camcorder.

The new Flip Mino HD has so many positives that it wipes away the competition. The Flip Mino HD is going to be carried by every HD video fan in the near future. Then they’ll not only have instant access to the moving imagery of their life, they can share their videos instantly with their friends on Face book, YouTube and MySpace.

Very few people would say no to this wonderful inclusion to the already popular Flip Mino range of camcorders.

Pure Digital Technologies has come out with this brilliant piece of camcorder technology that is not only great in performance but also very cute looking due to its brushed metal casing finish, enabling people to carry it with them and have easy access to it like they did with an iPod Nano. This new HD gadget has memory of 6GB that is more than the earlier models and that will enable you to store an additional hour of HD video. It’s very, very simple to operate with touch sensitive buttons, it also has a small but bright and clear LCD screen on the back and produces a very clear picture even handling low light and indoor situations well. But surely its great virtue is how easy it is for users to spread the word about their lives via their videos. You can move the videos shot quickly to your computer thanks to the single touch uploading facility that the Flip Mino HD offers which makes it possible to upload into You Tube, MySpace and AOL pretty easily.

No matter how clever the technology, the purpose of this new Flip Mino HD camcorder is to support the social lives of it’s users. Designed specifically for the highly connected generation addicted to ‘nowism’, this is just the kind of gadget which supports the desire of many, especially the young, for instant communication, instant information and instant pleasure.

People will be able to exchange beautiful occasions of joy and gaiety in their life quickly and with excellent color quality with the Flip Mino HD. The question is whether the capacity of this cute gadget is enough to satisfy the ever increasing demands of today’s generation?

Irrespective of the answer, this device is definitely going to be the must have gadget for the people of today who are so well connected digitally.

See the Flip Mino Range here

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