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Up to now, to wirelessly charge your iPhone image you’ve had to put, and keep something the size of a small generator on it, which really negates the slick functionality of wireless charging.

Thankfully the people at GEAR4 saw this as a problem and came up with a handy solution.

The GEAR4 PowerPad is a small pad, maybe about twice the width of your iPhone and not a lot taller.

It couldn’t be easier to use. simply don the rugged looking, robust,  iPhone case and place your phone on the plate.
The PowerPad takes about the same time to charge your phone as a regular charger and looks a lot better doing it!

It’s safe and magnet-less.

The only problem I can see is that the case, which acts as a receiver, plugs into the data port on your iPhone – of course, it’d have to in order to charge it.
You’d have to remove the case to dock your phone and sync it with your computer etc.
It would be marvelous if there were some kind of… pass through… built into the case.

I’ll take what I can get right now though!

See the video below for more info and check out the GEAR4 site.

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