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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LeapFish Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

I came across this terribly dramatic video about where Internet Search has been and where it might very well be going.
We live in a society of instant everything, and although it’s close, web search isn’t quite instant.  Web search isn’t live, it’s not quite…. real time.

We need it all now. It’s been proven time and time again. Celebrity deaths, natural disasters, man-made emergencies and more. We want all the information, we want “live on the scene” we want people tweeting, we want steaming video and more. You and I are pushing the media to do it all more instantly if at all possible.

The Internet in it’s essence was always individuals, businesses and groups posting information to the World Wide Web. It still is. What changed though?
Well, we’re not looking at grandma’s cookie recipes, uncle Mo’s conspiracy theories, text based chat rooms and bulletin boards and more. We’re looking at sharing the information that is now. We’re sharing current and instant.

The Internet evolved and you pushed that evolution.

Look at Facebook and Twitter – they don’t ask “what did you do?” or “what have you done?” Twitter asks “What’s happening?” Facebook asks “What’s on your mind?” they’re looking for doing types of words, active words, now words.

Yes, the Internet was always…’created’ by people, content was published in forums and on web sites. Online content is so much more… personal now. It’s far more accessible than it ever was. Links spread like wild-fire, information changes hands. Sources ask questions, initiate conversations and make things happen. The public is doing a better job of driving the media. In fact, the media is reaching out to their public for the news.

This all has to be indexed. There has to be some form of cataloging all of this now information, doesn’t there?

Search engines, in their simplest form, haven’t changed a whole lot over the past 10 years. Type what you’re looking for into a box and get a page with a list of results – as they see fit to give them to you.
Don’t get me wrong, search results are faster, more accurate, and overall.. better now than they ever have been. Search engine indexing is great and I make a living telling people how to look better to search engines, but the box and results principles are still there.

Search engines have to change, there has to be an evolution in search. Search engines have to step it up another notch and look at what is happening now. It’ll be remarkably difficult but it’s possible.
Look at Twitter for example. Wouldn’t you want more authoritative tweets to rank higher on search engines? wouldn’t you want results to look at conversations on your chosen topic? How about considering information coming from professionals in an arena rather than someone just making an off-handed comment?

Where do you see search going? what do you want to see in the Search Engine of the future? are aggregation services like leapfish going to move in where search engines are dropping the real-time ball?

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